Ref027-UK-Cavalry-c1796-Officer’s Beak Nose Pipe Back

English Napoleonic sabre, with a broad pipe back blade with a wide clipped point.  The hilt is of a rare variety with a back strap formed in the style of a beak which the knuckle guard mounts into.  The curved pipe back sabre blade once had engravings but over the years they have become very faint with polishing and the blade has some faint pitting.  The ferrule has a through rivet which was usual for the “beak” style 1796 sabres instead of ears off of the back strap for additional strength.  Grip is bound in Fishskin & retains 90%.  Overall sword length: 38.38” (975mm)  Blade length: 33.85” (860mm)

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Ref029-UK-Cavalry-c1820-Officer’s-3 Bar Hilt Beak Nose Pipe Back-Transitional

Cavalry c1820 3 Bar Hilt Beak Nose Pipe Back Transitional sword.  Steel mounted, three bar variant hilt, lacking thumb guard (completely flat on off side).  Cut & thrust pipe backed blade with spear point, slightly curved.  Steel beak-nose pommel and back-piece with ears to the fish skin covered and wire bound grip.  The Guard is extremely thick construction and there appears to be a small stamp on the inside of the guard the shape of a church window.

This is a rare sword, however the hilt is heavily pitted and the grip is worn.

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Ref032-UK-Cavalry-c1821-Officer’s Pipe Back 2-Victoria I

This is an early example with a quite a pronounced stepped pommel and a pipe back blade minimally decorated on either side with foliage and VR cypher.  There is no maker name.  The fish skin (shagreen) grip is intact and still has its copper wire fully intact.  The blade is in good condition and still sits firmly in the scabbard.

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Ref070- EUR-Mameluke-c1880-Officer’s Sword Brass & Bone Hilt

Western European Officer’ Mameluke. Hilt has an all in one brass back strap and Pistol shaped pommel.  Brass Ferrule with corded central decoration.  Brass cross guard with Chain Guard.  Grip decoratively carved bone.  Curved single edged flat blade with shallow (9 ½” 24 cm) clip back point.  Blade has a small decorative panel on each side containing pseudo ottoman script.  Plain steel scabbard with two throat screws and two steel bands with hangers.

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Ref077-UK-Naval Cutlass-c1858-Un-issued German Blade  

British pattern 1858-59 naval cutlass with German Maker stamp, slightly curved spear point blade. Broad, slightly dished oval guard, the knuckle bow with cusped rims and ribbed steel grip. Condition: Blade showing patches of spotting/light pitting. Hilt with dark patina, areas of pitting and traces of japanned finish. It appears this pattern was ordered and supplied by German manufacturers at the same time the 1858 Cutlass Bayonet, which appears to have replaced this pattern cutlass.

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Ref078-EUR-Cutlass-Swedish-c1810-Huggare of Gotland Garrison

Dark wood grips secured by 3 brass & Steel grommets, brass cleft shaped pommel with a hole in the centre and a steel straight guard. Steel single edged, single fullered with Swedish arsenal markings found on the ricasso. In its brass mounted black leather scabbard.

Swedish Marine/National Guard Cutlass Model M1810 and used in the Gotlands by Swedish Naval Forces against Russian forces in 1810 during the Napoleonic Wars. The model 1810 short sword (edge on inside of blade) was used on land on the island of Gotland but allegedly handed over by the Army Fleet.

Note the unique pommel on the M1810 ending in a concave or Y shape whose purpose was to steady a rifle or musket when shooting from the kneeling position. The marine or infantryman would stick the cutlass into the ground hilt up and then place the rifle onto the concave end of the pommel thereby steadying his aim and increasing his marksmanship considerably.

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Ref079-UK-Basket Hilt-c1828-Scottish Officer-Brown & Son

A Scottish 1828 pattern basket hilted broadsword c 1850. The blade, cut with twin fullers, is etched, and polished with trophies of arms centred upon Scottish bonnets, together with thistles and foliage. The steel basket hilt of regulation pattern, retaining its soft leather liner covered with military cloth, together with its silk fringe. The grip is covered with fish skin and is bound with twisted copper wire. Contained in its steel mounted leather scabbard.

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Ref080- UK-Foot-Grenadier Guards-c1854-Officer’s Levy-Cater

Grenadier Guards Officer Levy Sword by Cater & Co. Steel hilt with three bar guard incorporating in the cartouche the badge of the Grenadier Guards.  Fish skin grip with silver twist wire. Blade etched with regimental crest and battle honours Lincelles, Corunna, Barrosa, Peninsula, Waterloo, Inkerman, Alma, and Sevastopol and CATER & Co PALL MALL LONDON. Steel scabbard with two suspension rings.


Ref081-UK-Royal Naval Reserve-c1846-Officer’s Levy-Thurkle

Pattern 1846 Naval Sword. The hilt is a solid half basket guard with raised bars and crown and anchor badge, lion head back piece, white fish skin grip, bound with gilt wire. The sword has a proof disc for Thurkle, floral engraved decoration on the blade with Royal Lion & Unicorn over a Cypher. Scabbard is black leather with gilt mounts.

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