Ref001- British Presentation Sword-c1903-to the Maharaja of Burdwan-Rhodda

Presentation Mameluke made by R.B Rhodda & Co of Calcutta.  The gilt brass hilt is in an Indian style with dragon head pommel and finials, and floral decoration.  The slightly curved blade is engraved for 2/3rd of its length with floral decoration and a small panel engrave “PRESENTED TO MAHARAJA DHRAJ BIJAY CHAND MAHTAB BAHADUR OF BURDWAN ON THE OCCASION OF HIS INSTALLATION 1903”.  The scabbard is brass and typically British in design, accept the rings mounts can be slid down for cleaning.

The Honourable the Maharaja Dhirah Bijay Chand Mahtab Bahadur of Burdwan was appointed to the 3rd Class of the Order for an act of gallantry in 1908.  His citation appears in the Gazette of India as follows:

“…for conspicuous courage displayed by him at Overtoun Hall on the 7th November 1908, in connection with the attempt upon the life of Sir Andrew Frazer, the Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal.  On Sir Andrew Frazer’s entering the Hall a young Bengali stepped towards him and presenting a revolver at him pulled the trigger, but the weapon fortunately missed fire.  The Maharaja Dhirah of Burdwan at once flung himself between Sir Andrew Frazer and the would be murderer.  The latter was seized by MR B. R. Braber, the General Secretary of the Young Men’s Christian Association in Calcutta, but succeeded in again directing the revolver towards the Lieutenant-Governor and a second time fired the weapon without result.  If it had not missed fire, the bullet would in all probability have struck the Maharaja who had courageously interposed himself between Sir Andrew Frazer and his assailant and was effectively shielding him from danger.”

The Maharaja had an important political career in India.  He was created K.C.I.E. in 1909, a K.C.S.I in 1911, and a G.C.S.I. in 1924.  A small photograph of him wearing his orders and medals appears in the Historical Record of the Imperial Visit to India 1911 (1914).


Ref-004-EUR-Naval Dirk-Dutch-c1820-Flamboyant Blade

Dutch Naval Dirk.  Turned ivory grip, well aged with small cracks and a possible repair.  One side is much lighter in colour due to less exposure to light either through being worn or hung as a display item.  Circular pommel, cross guard has acorn quillions, Tudor rose centre, 8 ½ “ flamboyant blade Flamboyant double edged blade has been heavily cleaned and possibly has a mark which looks like the letter H just below quillion block at the top of the blade.  Chiselled steel sheath, floral design with two rings, 14 ½ “ (37 cm) o/a, c 1820 very good condition.

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Ref-005- EUR-Naval Dirk-Dutch-c1882-P Mansvelt Zoon S Gravenhage

Dutch Naval Dirk Circa 1882.  Turned ivory grip, well aged with one small crack.  Circular pommel, cross guard has acorn quillons, Anchor in the centre on one side and a symbol on the other, blade is etched with Anchor design and floral decoration on both side and engraved “P MANSVELT ZOON S GRAVENHAGE”.  The brass scabbard has two hanging rings and is engraved with Anchor and floral design on one side.  The number 459 in engraved on the hilt and the scabbard.

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Ref-006- EUR-Naval Dirk-French-c1814-30-Pearl Grip

French Naval Dirk.  Circa 1814-30 French restoration period.   Brass mounted hilt with fluted mother of pearl grips.  Brass decorative pommel and side strapping decorated with flowers to grip.  Anchor at the centre of the cross piece on one side and a rose on the otter.  Cross piece has lions head finials.  Frosted geometric floral decoration to both side of blade.  Brass scabbard with frog is also etched with floral decoration.

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Ref:007-EUR-Small Sword-European-c1680-1720

Brass Hilted Small Sword with double edged rapier blade.  Shell Guard decorated with floral and fluted designs.  The cut down rapier blade has a central fuller engraved XX  L S  X   M I N I  XX.  The Knuckle Guard has decoration in its swollen centre and has typical pas d’ane rings.  The pommel is fluted with a flattened tang.

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Ref019- UK-Band Sword c1840-NCO 60 Regt Kings Royal Rifle Corp

King’s Royal Rifle Corp 60th NCO Bandsman’s Sword Circa 1840.  An identical sword is in the The Royal Green Jackets Museum.  Mameluke sword engraved with Bugle in Floral Wreath on one side of cross guard, 60 in floral Wreath on the other side of cross guard.  B.G. over 22 on one side of scabbard throat, 3 over 20 over 55 on frog. Stand of Arms on Drag.  Black leather scabbard with steel mounts.  The hilt has a beaked appearance with a strange hole in the end of the pommel.  The grip is wood with no leather remaining.


Ref020-UK-Basket Hilt-c1808-Scottish-Officer Broadsword-Runkel JJ

Scottish Steel Basket Hilt Sword: 33″ double edged blade marked RUNKEL SOLINGEN to both sides with areas of light & dark staining & short fullers; vg hilt &pommel with grey finish; vg fish skin grips bound with woven silver wire; good condition.  From around 1778 to 1808 J J Runkel imported many thousands of swords and blades from Solingen for the British Market.  From around 1800 the spelling of Solingen changed by the omission of the ‘h’ between the ó’and ‘l’.  This sword is pre the introduction of the 1828 Infantry Pattern


Ref025-UK-Cavalry-c1796-Light Officer’s-Stirrup Hilt Palin W-Gill

Unusual slim blade of 32″, engraved with maker – Gill’s Warranted, and owner Wm. Palin, Cherrington.  William Palin lived at Cherrington Manor, Shropshire and enrolled as Ensign in The Royal Wellington Volunteers on 17th December 1803.  He served in the Wrekin Local Militia from 1803-1808.  Blade with some light pitting, but in good condition.  Hilt pitted with wire bound leather grip.  Scabbard pitted overall with no holes or dents, in solid condition. 

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Ref026-UK-Cavalry-c1796-Light Officer’s-Stirrup Hilt Pipe Back No Scabbard

British Napoleonic Cavalry Officer’s Sword with extensive etched decoration to the blade.  This is a fine and unusual example and includes a 1796 Pattern stirrup-type hilt of typical neo-classical style, particularly with regard to the squared quillon finial.  The grip is covered in fishskin and bound with copper twist wire – all the original twist wire remains – small piece missing from fishskin near pommel.  With shield-shaped hilt langet.  The blade is of curved, pipe back and quill point form and is very much indicative of a late-Georgian military sword.  It is decorated with a mixture of designs and motifs, including royal coat of arms, stands of trophies, victory laurels and scrolling foliage.  The quality of the blade etching is excellent and still extremely crisp.  No scabbard.

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Ref027-UK-Cavalry-c1796-Officer’s Beak Nose Pipe Back

English Napoleonic sabre, with a broad pipe back blade with a wide clipped point.  The hilt is of a rare variety with a back strap formed in the style of a beak which the knuckle guard mounts into.  The curved pipe back sabre blade once had engravings but over the years they have become very faint with polishing and the blade has some faint pitting.  The ferrule has a through rivet which was usual for the “beak” style 1796 sabres instead of ears off of the back strap for additional strength.  Grip is bound in Fishskin & retains 90%.  Overall sword length: 38.38” (975mm)  Blade length: 33.85” (860mm)

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Ref029-UK-Cavalry-c1820-Officer’s-3 Bar Hilt Beak Nose Pipe Back-Transitional

Cavalry c1820 3 Bar Hilt Beak Nose Pipe Back Transitional sword.  Steel mounted, three bar variant hilt, lacking thumb guard (completely flat on off side).  Cut & thrust pipe backed blade with spear point, slightly curved.  Steel beak-nose pommel and back-piece with ears to the fish skin covered and wire bound grip.  The Guard is extremely thick construction and there appears to be a small stamp on the inside of the guard the shape of a church window.

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Ref030-UK-Cavalry-c1821-96-Ladder Officer’s-Johnstone

Early Victorian Heavy Cavalry Scroll hilted sword by Johnston & Co.  Early style steeped pommel with half chequered back strap.  Honeysuckle/scroll steel guard is deeply chiselled.  The grip is fish skin with brass twist wire.  The blade is of the Wilkinson style with one fuller for 2/3rds and decorated with floral designs and the Victorian cypher and crown.  The blade carries the makers details “JOHNSTONE & CO SACKVILLE ST LONDON & DAWSON ST DUBLIN “.  There are numerous defensive nicks to the blade.

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Ref031-UK-Cavalry-c1821-Officer’s Pipe Back 1-William IV

This is an early example with a quite a pronounced stepped pommel and a pipe back blade minimally decorated on either side with foliage and William IV cypher.  There is no maker name.  The fish skin (shagreen) grip is intact and still has its copper wire fully intact.  The blade is in good condition and still sits firmly in the scabbard.

Price $1400 AUD plus shipping

Ref032-UK-Cavalry-c1821-Officer’s Pipe Back 2-Victoria I

This is an early example with a quite a pronounced stepped pommel and a pipe back blade minimally decorated on either side with foliage and VR cypher.  There is no maker name.  The fish skin (shagreen) grip is intact and still has its copper wire fully intact.  The blade is in good condition and still sits firmly in the scabbard.

Price $1400 AUD plus shipping

Ref037-UK-General & Staff-c1822-Officer’s-Prosser

Pattern 1854 General & Staff Officers Sword by Prosser.  Gilt three quarter gothic hilt with crossed sword and baton (staff Device) replacing the royal cipher in the cartouche of the guard.  Whilst this sword has the 1854 pattern hilt with the fixed guard; it has the earlier style pipe back blade reminiscent of an early 1822.  The blade etching is also in the earlier style featuring the makers details, cross sword and baton and crown and VR Cypher.  The Brass Scabbard displays age wear and has a repair in the middle.


Ref042-UK-Infantry-c1790-Sabre Brass D Guard & Reeded Ebony Grip

British Georgian Officer’s Sabre, c.1790’s.  Large English Officer’s Sabre, broad slightly curved fullered blade, gilt bronze D guard hilt with side loop and two scrolled side bars, faceted flat toped pommel with pommel button and reeded ebony wood grip.  Blade has engraved panel top line in old English script, middle row looks like GRASMONT, and bottom line starts with GRAND?

Price $800 AUD plus shipping

Ref043-UK-Infantry-c1790-Spadroon Officer’s Ivory grip Fretted guard

1790’s English Infantry Officers Spadroon sword  with a straight double edged blade and narrow central fuller, steel D guard hilt with fretted side guard and faceted diamond shaped pommel and reeded bone grip.

Price $800 AUD plus shipping

Ref044-UK-Infantry-c1790-Spadroon Officer’s Prince of Wales Regt-Thurkle

1790’s English Infantry Officers Sword, straight single edged fullered blade for the first half and then changing to double edged at just past the half way point, some etching still visible but faint. German silver D guard hilt with side loop and diamond shaped insert, cushion shaped pommel and chequered Ebony grip. Panel inserted into the grip reads, PRINCE OF WALESS REGt. WEST INDIES. FT stamped under the guard at the block as is usual for Francis Thurkle swords.  Overall length 39 inches (990mm) blade 33.25 inches (844mm).   The blade shows overall staining, rust pitting and rust, blade is straight and hilt solid with no play, overall fair condition.

Price $800 AUD plus shipping


1796 Flank Officers Stirrup Hilted sword.  Typical steel stirrup hilt (missing one languet) with black leather grip.  Engraved almost full length on both sides of the blade includes “Archer’s Warranted”, Caduceus device, women with Shield & spear, trophies of arms and other floral decoration.   Comes with its original steel Scabbard, missing throat.


Ref048-UK-Infantry-c1803-Officer’s Blue & Gilt Ivory Grip no Scabbard

British 1803 infantry officer’s sword, curved blade with moderate staining, darker at the point, blue & gilt section of approx. 12″, with decorations of stand of flags & arms & cannon, no Royal Cypher; gilt decoration to forte; brass guard inset with GEORGE III CYPHER to knuckle bow & lion’s head back piece & pommel; ivory hilt with minor chipping & no binding.

Price $1500 AUD plus shipping

Ref049-UK-Infantry-c1822-75th Gordon Highlanders-Officer’s Levee-Shipway

Officer’s Levee 75th Regiment Gordon Highlanders Officers 1822 Pattern Sword for a Adjutant or Field Officer, with 1834 Pattern Brass Scabbard.  Double Fullered Lightweight levee type Blade showing fine etching.  It is engraved 75th Regiment 1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders. Marked with sword cutler name “Shipway, Argyll Street, Regent Street, London”.  VR Gothic Half Basket Hilt are complete and without any issues.  Exterior shows deep patina, some scratches and very light dents on scabbard.

Price $900 plus shipping

Ref051-UK-Mameluke-c1800-Cavalry Officer’s Levee

Georgian English Cavalry Officers Levee sword in reasonable condition; one rosette missing from the ivory grip; curved pipe back blade; brass scabbard and hilt shows some wear.


Ref061-UK-Rifles-c1827-Officer’s WIV-Prosser

Pattern-British-Rifles 1827-Officer’s Prosser William 4th.  British 1827 Pattern Rifle Regiment Sword, piped back blade with etched panels of ROYAL CYPHER & William IV; ricasso marked PROSSER MAKER TO THE KING & ROYAL FAMILY LONDON on one side PROSSER MAKER TO THE KING & ROYAL FAMILY Charging Cross.  Steel basket with ROYAL CYPHER & strung bugle; fish skin grips bound with silver wire; complete with correct steel mounted scabbard, top mount engraved PROSSER MANUFACTURER TO THE KING LONDON. A Very good example of these hard to find swords.

Price $1450 AUD plus shipping

Ref070- EUR-Mameluke-c1880-Officer’s Sword Brass & Bone Hilt

Western European Officer’ Mameluke. Hilt has an all in one brass back strap and Pistol shaped pommel.  Brass Ferrule with corded central decoration.  Brass cross guard with Chain Guard.  Grip decoratively carved bone.  Curved single edged flat blade with shallow (9 ½” 24 cm) clip back point.  Blade has a small decorative panel on each side containing pseudo ottoman script.  Plain steel scabbard with two throat screws and two steel bands with hangers.

Price $1200 AUD plus shipping

Ref074-UK-Infantry-c1803-Rifle’s Officer’s sword

1803 Pattern Infantry Light Company Rifle Regiments Officer Sword. Lion Head Pommel, faceted backstrap and strung Bugle over Royal Cipher on Guard.  Grip is wood however the Sharkskin has gone but the copper wire remains.  Curved 30” blade with GG mark at throat and minimal traces of engraving still visible.


Ref076-UK-Mameluke c1900-Royal Equerry Indian Bhopal Royal Family

British 1831 General Officer’s Equerry Sword. BRITISH COLONIAL INDIA has a good 33″ curved blade etched with Bhopal Royal family crest of fish, shield & banners; ricasso inscribed RANKEN & CO LTD CALCUTTA LAHORE & LONDON; Gilt brass cross guard with Bhopal Royal family crest; ivory grips; complete with correct brass scabbard in very good condition.

Bhopal became a princely state after signing a treaty with the British East India Company in 1818.  Between 1819 and 1926, the state was ruled by four women, Begums — unique in the royalty of those days — under British suzerainty. Qudsia Begum was the first woman ruler, who was succeeded by her only daughter Sikandar Begum, who in turn was succeeded by her only daughter, Shahjehan Begum. Sultan Jahan Begum was the last woman ruler who, after 25 years of rule, abdicated in favour of her son, Hamidullah Khan.  The rule of Begums gave the city its waterworks, railways, a postal system, and a municipality constituted in 1907.


Ref077- EUR-Cavalry Sabre-Prussian-p1811-Hussar-Waterloo Period

Very heavily made Prussian Hussar troopers sword. Very nice quality wide blade. Steel P-shaped guard. Regimental markings on the hilt: R.I.M.  10.45., and additional mark: Another hard to identify. Heavy steel scabbard with regimental markings: R. A. M. 7. 31 then R.P.C. 5.89 struck out. Sword was clearly reissued.  The blade is marked 38 of on the back edge.


Ref078-EUR-Folding Guard-French-c1780-Officer’s Mounted Sabre

French Officer’s Mounted Folding Guard Sabre. These swords were prominently used by the French Infantry, but also by the French Navy in the French revolution-Napoleonic era.  Brass folding hilt with a steel button mechanism.  The folding guard moves smooth & the mechanism perfect.  Back strap in brass, as is the knuckle guard & pommel.  Grip bound in tight twisted brass wire.  The hilt, back strap & wire binding are just about pristine perfect, save for a tiny hairline crack in the top of the guard, hardly noticeable the crack not passing all the way through the brass.  A diamond shaped pommel also in brass.  The blade has a wide shallow fuller for most of the blades length as well as a narrow fuller running along the back of the blade.  No markings or engravings.  No scabbard.

Price $1200 AUD plus shipping