053-UK-Medals-Scottish-71 Highlanders-J Brian

Indian General Service single Medal 1854 to 602-J Brian H.Ms 71st REGt (THE HIGHLAND REGIMENT) with one clasp UMBEYLA.

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054-UK-Medals-Scottish-Gordon Highlanders-Colour Sgt McKeen J Group 4

Group of 4 medals to Colour Sgt J M Keen Gordan highlanders including: India General Service Medal 1895-1902, 1 clasp, Punjab Frontier; Queen’s South Africa Medal with clasps BELFAST, JOHANNESBURG, DRIEFONTEIN, PAARDEBERG &CAPE COLONY; King’s South Africa Medal. Clasps: South Africa 1901. South Africa 1902; Gordon Cup Medal by J M Keen 1896.

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Ref055-UK-Medals-Scottish-Kings Own Scottish Borderers-Pte R. Ferguson 3768

Great Britain Group of 3, India General Service with 3 clasps, Relief of Chitral 1895, Punjab Frontier 1897-98 and Tirah 1897-98.  Queens South Africa with 3 clasps Cape Colony, Paarderg and Johannesburg and Kings South Africa 1901, 1902.  Awarded to 3768 Pte R Ferguson K.O.S.B. Kings Own Scottish Borderers.

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Ref056-UK-Medals-Scottish-Royal Scots-Pte J Faulkner Group 4

Medals-Scottish-Royal Scots-Pte J Faulkner Group 4.  To Pte 5299 & 2704 J Faulkner.  Group of 4 including Queens South Africa  3 clasps TRANSVAAL, RELIEF OF LADYSMITH, TUGELA HEIGHTS & CAPE COLONY , Kings South Africa Medal with 2 clasps South Africa 1901 and 1902. WW1 British War & Victory Medal .

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Ref057-UK-Medals-Scottish-Royal Scotts-Sgt S Beazley 6691 Group 5

Medals-Scottish-Royal Scots-Sgt S Beazley Group 5 including Queens South Africa  3 clasps TRANSVAAL, ORANGE FREE STATE & CAPE COLONY , Kings South Africa Medal with 2 clasps South Africa 1901 and 1902. WW1 British War, victory Medal & 1914-1915 star medal.

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Ref058-UK-Medals-Scottish-Scots Rifles-Pte M Ogilvie 6136 Group 2

Medals-Scottish-Scots Rifles-Pte M Ogilvie Group of 2.  Queens South Africa  1 clasps TRANSVAAL, Kings South Africa Medal with 2 clasps South Africa 1901 and 1902.

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Ref076 EUR-Head Dress-Prussian-c1915-Shako-Jager Troop EM-NCO’s

1915 pattern, blackened lacquered leather construction Jäger EM/NCO’s Shako with magnetic sheet metal fittings. The front centre of the Shako has the standard 1914 pattern, stamped, magnetic sheet metal, Prussian EM/NCO’s helmet plate. The helmet plate features the crowned Prussian eagle with upswept wings, clutching a royal sceptre and a royal orb with an embossed scripted banner superimposed on its wings and breast. The embossed script to the banner consists of, “Mit Gott Für Koenig und Vaterland”, (With God for King and Fatherland), and has the royal, “FR” cypher to its breast indicating, Friedrich Rex, (King Friedrich). Instead of the Prussian cockade, Shako’s were typically worn with a state field badge that consists of a carved, vertically oval wooden base with an outer white cotton covering encompassing a central black wool covering.